Hannes Radke


My name is Hannes Radke, and I was born in Juli of 1985. I live in Hildesheim, Germany. Since my graduation in Design I work on different Projects in the sphere of Comics and Games, but I still dream of becoming a radioactive supervillain. I love to work on my ongoing webcomic series NiGuNeGu.de and Of-All-Worlds-Lost.com on the side, which are increasingly funded by their respective communities via Patreon. Some of my comics have appeared in the anthologies Baito Oh!, Mood Comix / Kibun Manga, Comix Magazine & Whoa! Comics. As a freelance illustrator I worked with clients such as Droemer/Knaur Verlagsgruppe, Plem Plem Productions and White Wizard Games, as well as other independent publishers and game developers.


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